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PsychicMedium  & Tarot

B.A., B.S.

While taking a psychic development class with Ray Fraser at Mystiques West  in 2011, I realized  information coming "in" during class activities was more than coincidental. From here, I continued to identify more of the 6th sense  which I was already tapped into by using it to convey meaningful messages. Spirit Message Sessions (formerly called Seance) was where I first started giving messages to attendees from their loved ones and spirit guides. Psychic and Medium readings followed, which resonated deeply with my soul path and life purpose. 
In 2018, I felt guided to add Tarot cards to readings and its been just as fascinating to me as impressions from spirit. I love to offer clients the additional imagery with the intuitive messages. The messages are richer and  more  information comes through in a shorter time with combining the PsychicMedium aspect with theTarot cards.
Helping someone with the process of moving into their  Highest Good is my goal and intention during a reading. I feel delivering messages with the principles of Law of Attraction in mind is necessary to illuminate the path. 
Sensing the vibration a client is emitting and gauging  the gap to where they want to be is part of the process. I am honored to offer what I see, sense, & feel in a sincere and sensitive manner for those who are seeking this type of reading.



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