Psychic Medium &Tarot  Card Reader 

B.A. , M.ED

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 11-7:00 pm

Saturday 12-5:00 pm

*Schedule may vary

I was born with the gift of prophecy.

I was born in a caul, just like my grandmother, with our eyes, wide open. A caul, also called a veil, is all or part of the fetal membrane covering a babies face after delivery. In some cultures, this is considered good luck, a sign of special destiny and a mark of psychic blessings. My birth also fell on a blood moon (total lunar eclipse which happens during a super moon), the meaning is great spiritual significance, since the sun, moon and earth are perfectly aligned.


 As a child and in many situations now, I will say things people are thinking or describe what is happening in their lives. I've even called my friends and loved ones to discuss what came to me before they shared life situations and they jokingly say, "Oh, my goodness, how did you know?

You must have ESP!" 

With this gift of prophecy, I have been able to help many people on their life's journey. I help them understand why many situations they are going through are happening the way they are happening. I am also able to explain what is around them and what is to come. In the last few years, I have also added tarot to confirm the information I convey, but I rely on the divine to guide me and give me clarity.